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Top Tranny Tips: Panties, Knickers & Tucking

Knickers and Pant(ie)s

The Perfect TrannyThere is a great temptation amongst trannies to choose to wear knickers that are totally unsuited to the purpose (the purpose, that is, of helping you to hide the obviously manly bits that a tranny has but that a woman doesn't). A G-String might look fabulous in bed, but it doesn't keep any of your tackle in place! If you really want to look the part, you need to choose knickers that will hold your bits firm and in the process hide them well.

Why G-Strings aren't ideal for tranniesIf you look around on the internet to identify what kind of knickers other transvestites wear for this purpose (to be clear - the purpose of keeping it all hidden), many articles described dance belts, designed to hold (male, obviously) dancers' bits in place when they're wearing tight lycra dance outfits! However, despite searching hither and thither, such dance belts remain rare. What works just as well are 'control knickers' available for about £15 for a pack of 2 from none other than Marks & Spencers (with apologies to overseas readers who will have no idea who they are). These are knickers which are designed to try and keep women's tummies in check and have extra elastic which pull them tight around your hook and tackle. They're ideal for keeping everything in check and what's more, they don't look half bad either and are usually available in high-leg (e.g. ones which have the sides cut away to reveal more of the top of your leg and bottom) and low-leg (which provide more all round coverage).

tranny wearing two pairs of knickersWearing a second pair of knickers over the top of your tightening support ones gives the additional benefit of a little more hold, and makes the overall effect look great too (not that everyone is going to see your knickers that is...!) Oh, and if you're wearing tights, put these between the two pairs of knickers so that if you need to lower them (to go to the loo for example), the whole arrangement is easy to put back in place afterwards. For stockings, remember to put the suspender belt on first, before putting on your panties, so that you can take your knickers down to go to the loo without having to unbuckle yourself from your stockings.

Many trannies (and crossdressers) enjoy wearing womens underwear, particularly knickers, at all times and seem to get a kick from doing so. There are lots of stories of men getting turned on whilst at work by knowing that under their jeans is a lovely lacy pair of panties and lots of urban myths about the same men getting found out and teased endlessly. Some even argue that womens underwear is softer and more comfortable for men despite the slight impracticalities - I guess you might call these people 'metrosexuals'. If doing this takes your fancy then just go for it, you have nothing to lose. When was the last time one of your workmates commented on the pants you were wearing? You'd think them pretty odd if they did!


Neatly tuckedBy tucking, we aren't talking about making sure your jeans are neatly tucked inside your boots but whether you 'tuck' your meat (penis) and two veg (testicles) away. This largely depends on whether you are after realism or comfort, but for many trannies it's realism every time - and actually it's not at all uncomfortable! But what does tucking actually involve?

We have to get a bit graphic here... Before you reach puberty, your 'two veg' reside inside little pouches in your abdomen. When the time is right and your hormones go wild, they descend into their usual adult place (hence the phrase 'have his balls dropped yet?') Tucking requires that you stick them back in the pouches from whence they came, and which are still there even though you've now grown up (or not as the case may be). This is nowhere near as painful as it sounds, though the first time you do it, you can wonder whether they'll ever come back again - don't worry - they easily do. Once you've done this, pull your 'meat' between your legs, back towards your bottom. Whilst holding it all in place, put on a pair of the control knickers mentioned above and 'Hey Presto!' your male bulge will have vanished, leaving you with a flat abdomen that is much more feminine. Some trannies even tape their tackle (using surgical tape) between their legs so as it doesn't slip. This means you don't need to wear tight pants if you don't want to, but does mean replacing the tape each time you need to go to the bathroom.

There is no evidence to suggest that tucking causes any long or short-term damage at all and it doesn't seem to affect libido either! And don't even begin to imagine what the consequences might be if you begin to get aroused with all your bits carefully stored, pushed and pulled into their girlie position!
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