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The following pages contain some links to adult content. Please do not visit them if you are likely to be offended.
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Links: Dressing, Escorting and Make-Overs
tranny applying makeupThe following links are to transvestite dressing and escorting services¹ who provide make-up, make-overs, photography and escorted nights-out for trannies. Unless specifically stated on the site concerned, these organisations do not provide sexual services of any kind and will not be impressed if you ask! These kinds of services don't come cheap, but if you want to look your best, especially for that all important first time out of the closet, they are generally more cost effective than you think.

For those who don't know what the terms 'dressing service' or 'escort' mean in a tranny context:
  • Dressing Services are individuals or companies who provide services which aim to help you with your transformation into a woman, whether this is a complete make-over including clothes, shoes and so on, or just additional help with make-up. They are especially helpful if you are a nervous first-timer or novice as they can provide the advice and confidence you need in order to find your first steps on the t*girl ladder. Dressing is actually a shortened term for 'cross-dressing', rather than being short for 'dressing up'. As far as we know there are no 'undressing services', though we're sure there are plenty of people willing to do this bit for free!
  • Escorting in this context is nothing to do with the usual understanding of 'escorts' a.k.a. people you pay to visit their boudoir (or them visit you)! In the dressing service world it refers to someone (usually another t*girl) who will take you on a tranny night-out, show you the ropes and the venues and generally help you overcome those nerves.

Trans-MISSION Make-Overs
We don't offer any make-over services of our own, but the following dressing services offer escorted trips and make-overs specifically for events at Trans-MISSION, whenever and wherever they might be. Contact them first if you are wanting to join one of our happy, relaxed parties!
The Boudoir
Jodie Lynn of The BoudoirRun by the lovely Jodie Lynn (pictured on the left), The Boudoir has recently moved to new spanking premises in North/East London. Jodie regularly escorts groups of 10 or more girls to Trans-MISSION events with her gaggle of tranny followers the 'Boudettes' and is also a regular (and welcome) face at other t*girl events around the UK too.
London Dressing Service
Josie of Adam and EveBased in East London, the ever bubbly Josie of Adam and Eve often brings groups of girls to our parties as well as to other clubs in and around London. Unlike Jodie above, Josie tends to drop girls off at a venue once they've found their way in, instead of spending the evening with them.

Make Up By Natasha - Knightsbridge
Imago Dressing
South & South East England
TV AMC - Shepparton, Surrey
The lovely Maria Jones, a regular at Trans-MISSION events of the past, is one of the lovelies behind TVAMC. Always a smile on her face and a drink in her hand, you can be assured of a friendly and relaxed experience.
Dressing service based in Camberley, Surrey
Sugar and Spiced - Hampshire
Femesque - Aldershot
Central England
Top Trans Photography Service
Northampton based service
West Of England
House of Diana, Cheltenham
North & the North West
Dress Up with Jules
Julie and Linda, Manchester
dress me up Cheshire
Kinky's Closet, Glasgow
The Netherlands
TransDreams - Dressing Service in the Netherlands
Disclaimer: Whilst we have made every effort to only include organisations we believe to be respectable and honest, we can not control the content of external web-sites; nor does the appearance of a link constitute any endorsement of a product or service by Trans-MISSION.
¹ We have no idea why this is here - it must have been written by our web-mistress when she had had a few too many glasses of champagne. We've left it here anyway as, believe it or not, some people seem to find it enlightening...
Many transvestites labour under the misapprehension that to deviate in any way from the straight and narrow is an admission of guilt. Far from this, deviation is generally regarded as an important part of the process of recognition, and is certainly part of intersexual and intrasexual reconcilliation. Recognising and acknowledging one's inner sanctum of retrogenderal fears, and expressing these through high heels, short skirts and a propensity towards heavy red lipstick is simply a modern anamorphism to energise the masculine 'feminine' that most men disguise through aftershave, lager and, in the more daring, an admission of 'metrosexuality'. Be brave. Be bold. Be boombastic. Two bee. And not too be. That is the real pencil skirt!
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