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Links: Clubs, Bars, Parties and Events
When we at Trans-MISSION were running regular monthly events, we developed a reputation for being a safe, relaxed and friendly environment for t*girls to come and for them to bring their partners along without 'freaking them out'. Since we stopped our regular events, one of the questions we get asked most frequently is, "Where is a safe and friendly place to go out as a transvestite in the UK?"

It'sad to say that there are actually very few places like Trans-MISSION in the UK. Many of the regular tranny events have more of a 'hard edge' than we used to and can be a little daunting to newcomers, first-timers and partners. If you're after a completely 'no risk' place to go, then local meetings of the Beaumont Society tend to be very relaxed, but they also tend to be small and in some cases rather unexciting and cliquey and for these reasons they may not be ideal, especially for wives and partners.

Of the remaining clubs, some are there almost purely for transvestites and transexuals interested in 'getting it on' with each other or with admiring males, some have undertones of this but are more mainstream and some are genuinely nice places to go. Places come and go with alarming irregularity - we try and keep our links page up to date where we can, so hopefully you will find the places we list still open! We've tried to add a short description to the tranny-friendly bars, clubs and events listed below to give you an idea of what they are like. One good place to try to find out what's going on is Roses Forum which despite the rather flowery name is one of the most active, welcoming and up-to-date transgender chat forums in the UK.
London and the South East
The WayOut Club
The Way Out Club is London's longest running transgender night spot. It runs every Saturday without fail and is hosted by the lovely Vicky Lee. Each week there is usually a drag show of some kind. The atmosphere at the club has been slightly tarnished by the number of transsexual 'escorts' and the like who can be found hanging around the bar chatting men up but in recent years, Vicky Lee and the others that run the club have made an effort to remove this unwanted menace and although the club still has an edgy feel it's much more relaxed than it once was.
Legs 800 Club in Walthamstow
Held on Thursdays and Saturdays, this tranny venue in Walthamstow is worth a visit. The venue is shared with other clientele (and clientelle - spot the extra 'l' - see what we did there?) so it's not exclusively tranny, but the girls who go certainly know how to have fun. If their kind of 'fun' is your kind of 'fun' you're on to a winner.
Lacy Ladies - Mondays
Lacy Ladies is held every Monday in Stepney in East London (a part of London with a long history of being home to transvestite clubs!) The club has a 'play room' which, whilst it might be full of toys, is most definitely not intended for the under-18's! Not for the faint-hearted.
Candy Girls
Candy Girls is held every Friday night in Sunbury, just of the M25 to the West of London. They also do occasional tours and hold some events on a Tuesday. It's one of the clubs we could call 'edgy' with, for example, a resident 'dungeon master' but it is possible to go along and just have a drink and a party without getting drawn into anything more fetish.
TV Vixens, Romford
Central England
Tranny Club in St. Neots, Cambridgeshire
National (UK)
Sparkle 2010 - The Transgender Celebration in Manchester
Sparkle is an annual celebration of all things tranny which is held early each Summer in Manchester. The idea for Sparkle followed Trans-MISSION's own first birthday party in Manchester!
Escualita, Sundays in Paris
Kinks and Queens, Saturdays in Stockholm
Disclaimer: Whilst we have made every effort to only include organisations we believe to be respectable and honest, we can not control the content of external web-sites; nor does the appearance of a link constitute any endorsement of a product or service by Trans-MISSION.
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